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 The Justice System - Read this if your confused!

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PostSubject: The Justice System - Read this if your confused!   Wed Dec 10, 2008 6:31 am

When a crime is found and reported in the Anti-Crime Patrol section, the admins will take the topic and post it in the Evidence section. The Evidence section is just here so when the Trial goes on it can be used as proof for the persecutor.

A criminal who commits a crime and is awaiting the trial will be confined to the Criminal section and Spam Box. (Meaning he can only post in those two sections until the verdict is decided)

In the trial, a defendent is choosen by the criminal, and a persecutor will be choosen by the person who the crime was against. (If it was spam, or something or that, admins will choose.) They will than debate about the situation in the Trial section. When that is done (Three Days), a poll will be activated in the Peoples Vote Section!

In the Peoples Vote Section the actual Members of this society will come and vote on the punishment after reading threw the trial debate. This verdict is only used in some situations, as in others the admins will just decide the fate of the victim.

Than the punishment will be posted in The Final verdict section for all too see.

All criminal offenses are documented in the Criminal offenses section. (Obviously?)
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PostSubject: Re: The Justice System - Read this if your confused!   Wed Dec 24, 2008 9:39 am

This is a mastermind criminal system. No one will survive! Off with his head!
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The Justice System - Read this if your confused!
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