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 First Set Rules

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First Set Rules Empty
PostSubject: First Set Rules   First Set Rules I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 10, 2008 6:18 am

This is the first set of Rules. More will be added with each amendment voted on.

-Spamming - Trolling and Spamming fall under the same category here. A post that contributes to nothing.
Warning, Warning, 1 day ban, 3 day ban, 5 day ban, so forth.

-Harrassment - Insulting someone for a reason of their race, religion, etc. Can also be referred to as a plain "Fuck You"
Warning, 5 day ban, 10 day ban, IP Ban

-Abused Moderator Privileges - Deleting a post without reason, abusing moderator abilities.
A permanent strip of power and 30 day ban, no questions asked.

-Excessive Vulgarity - A few curse words never hurt anybody, but a post full of them is arrogant.
Warning, 1 day ban, 3 day ban, 5 day ban, so forth.

-Multi-Accounting - More than one account
5 Day ban, 10 day ban, 30 day ban, IP Ban (Under this, the side account will be Banned permanently)

-Advertising - Coming here mainly just to advertise your own forum will not be allowed.
Warning, 5 day ban, 10 day ban, IP permaban

-Images - Pornography won't be tolerated unless a link is given and a warning it's NSFW (Not Safe For Work).
Warning, 1 day ban, 5 day ban, 10 day ban, 15 day ban, etc.
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First Set Rules
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