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 How to avoid and Catch Plagiarism!

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How to avoid and Catch Plagiarism! Empty
PostSubject: How to avoid and Catch Plagiarism!   How to avoid and Catch Plagiarism! I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 13, 2008 3:47 pm

Plagiarism is not just a legal problem it's more of a morale issue for many online writers and bloggers. Having your work stolen and used by others is becoming an increasing problem on the internet and internet blogging sites. Thankfully plagiarism can be avoided, stopped and there are ways you can protect yourself. I'll offer you a few free search sites you can use to catch someone plagiarizing your work.

Your original article was copied, pasted and published all over the internet without your knowledge or permission. What to see if someone stole one of your articles? Thinking of plagiarizing someone else work? Below I'll show two very powerful resources you can use to find your stolen work. The same tools many publishing sites use like ehow to combat those of you thinking of plagiarizing.
Think again. With internet technology plagiarism has been plaguing writers like you and me and it seems it will only get worse before it gets better. Unless you have a registered copyright with the US copyright office you will not be entitled to compensation or damages if you do discover someone else has published your articles.( UK and Canada follow the same US copyright laws)

Stealing someone else articles and writings is not only a legal issue but like many of us dedicated writers who take our craft very seriously it's a morale issue and something none of like to see. Call it the writers code of conduct. If you do discover your work was stolen kindly write to person who posted your article asking them to either take it down, compensate you or give you your well deserved credit and byline.

If they refuse contact the websites owner or hosting company. usually this is all you will need to do. Being tagged a plagiarizing blogger or writer among the circle of freelance writers like us all here on ehow can really destroy any bloggers or writers credibility. So if you are here to plagiarize please move on to another site we do not want it here on ehow.

Try using the websites below and not just depending on googling your article subject or title most people who plagiarize change the headline and a few phrases around in order to avoid it being displayed on google.

You can use this website that is actually used by authors and teachers to catch cheating student http://www.plagiarismchecker.com/ After checking your headline , try checking some quotes, phrases or exact sentences from your article to see if you find a match.

My favorite and most widely used plagiarizing tool is http://www.copyscape.com You actually entire your articles url or exact website address in to Copy Scapes search bar and it scan your entire article for content on the internet that matches it.

If you intend on plagiarizing here on ehow; Word of advise don't your article will be removed. Find out if someone else stole your article and posted it some place else Click your article copy URL or article website address and paste it into copyscapes tool bar http://www.plagiarismchecker.com/

I am still researching the .tv and .mobi website indexes to see if as writers we can combat plagiarism on the growing number of cell phone web sites. Copy scape is your best weapon to combat stolen articles and your worst enemy if you do plagiarize. If you are a plagiarist it's in your best interest just to practice writing your own work.
Sometimes we do accidentally write an article that is very familiar to another article. Maybe it's from something we read years ago and somehow in the back of our minds a phrase, sentence or a few words manage to resurface in our own work. If you are faced with the problem do the right thing take down the work or credit it properly.
Google search option to search for your article title , headline is very ineffective. Most bloggers or steal other work always change the headline and re word the material in order to avoid the google search results. Yahoo is actually better at stopping plagiarism than google. As mentioned earlier search your website or article site address or url in Copy Scapes search bar. It's by far your best tool for locating your stolen work.

Technology makes it easier than ever for our work to be stolen. The good news is technology also helps us combat this nasty nasty thing we call plagiarism.
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How to avoid and Catch Plagiarism! Empty
PostSubject: Re: How to avoid and Catch Plagiarism!   How to avoid and Catch Plagiarism! I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 14, 2008 4:13 am

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How to avoid and Catch Plagiarism!
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