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 How to ask a girl out and first date tips

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How to ask a girl out and first date tips Empty
PostSubject: How to ask a girl out and first date tips   How to ask a girl out and first date tips I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 13, 2008 3:44 pm

Talking and hanging out with her is best before making any moves. You should first get to know if the girl is right for you. Worst thing is if she says yes but you hate her personality. You shouldn't ask a girl out just by looks. Thats the worst thing to ever do. You should get to know her and be friendly. But don't be too friendly because if you go about asking her out and you start to be friends with her too long, then she may think it might be weird to go out with a friend and thats the worst thing to get rejected for. So just get to know her and hang out with her alot.

Talking to a guidance counsler is best to get more advice. Practice what you will say makes asking out alot easier. After you have gotten to know her, this usually takes weeks or months and in some cases years, now its time to get the confidence to talk to her. If you want some help with that, you should make a visit to your guidence cousouler or a friend. Try and practice asking her out. Aks in the mirror what you will say. Practice everyday and it will just come to you. But self assurance is the first thing to do.

Get everything together with hygene and clothes. Ask her out and if she says no then don't worry it about it anymore, and remember, the best way to accept rejection is too acknowledge she is probably a whore (Even though its not true, XD). The day is here. Time to ask her out today. So you should get all the hygiene together and clean clothes is best. After all of that is together then you may want to give a gift if she accepts, otherwise don't even try it, and definately not anything fancy or expensive, she will percieve that as if you were trying to impress her with money. But don't be too extravigant because it will show as if you would like to change her mind. For this reason you should wait till she says yes so you won't be like "Great i have a gift so she may say yes now!". Before going to her, remember that what ever happens then its ok. If she says yes, great. If she says no, still great. There are more people out there.

Pick the right type of date. Don't have a stupid date to somewhere out of her interest. That will raise the chances that she will break up with you. If she says yes, you should schedule a date with her. Ask "When do you want to go on a date?" and then LET HER pick exactly how the date will go. Remember to get a ride and have some spending money so you won't look like a douche with no money or a ride and you did all of this to ask her out.

Watch out though...
Don't anticipate sex on a first date, if shes willing to put out that early it is a pretty clear sign she is not the best 'type' of women.

Kissing is alright on a first date if you feel the urge too. Never kiss at the end of a date unless it can't be avoided, its better to do it spontaneously when the other partner wouldn't expect it but would also percieve it as romantic.

The less you touch her on the first date...the better. Keep that style for later on after your official.
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How to ask a girl out and first date tips Empty
PostSubject: Re: How to ask a girl out and first date tips   How to ask a girl out and first date tips I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 14, 2008 1:32 pm

ive noticed that you should never, ever, ask her "Do you want to go to the movies," but instead ask her "would you like to go out with me" than let her decide were to go.

sometimes dominance is good, but most of the time its subjective
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How to ask a girl out and first date tips
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