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PostSubject: Pandemic FAQ   Pandemic FAQ I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 12, 2008 12:49 pm

Q -Why don't you make Political Groups! I don't care if this is not a Political forum, i still want my own group!

A - To put it blunt, your not getting it. This forum has 1 political forum out of about 20+ (Ever growing), why should i make a group for your political philosophy when their is only one forum for it? That's a waste of space, not too mention, if i make it for politics, ill have to make some for sports, and gaming, and before you know it, the groups will be overrun with 50+ groups! And if i don't make some for others, and just for political groups, i would be putting that above the rest of the forum, which is not true, at all. Most political areas have their own place in the Political Section anyway, you don't need a group too!
This same issue applies to all group requests. No groups will be added for any specific forum, no questions asked.

Q - Where can i propose my own forum addition? (besides groups)

A -
Right Here!

Q - How do i join Hazmat/Moderator groups?!

A -
Read This

Q - What is the Donation group, and how can i join, and what benefits are included?
A - The Donators group is an elite bunch of epic members who have donated at least $1.00 (US) to the forum! Too join, you go to this link -
Here- and contribute at least $1.00 dollar towards forumotion points which will be used to better the forum (More space...more pictures...more customization, and maybe even our owned Domain name!). The benefits are getting a rank of your choosing (Nothing vulgar though!), joining the omega-awesome Donator group, a personal thank you topic, and a hug from me! Razz
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Pandemic FAQ
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